In February 2015 Bro. Jefferson Lestrade was approached by the Media Ministry for an interview as head of Men’s Ministry and a member of our assembly. Below are excerpts from that interview:


Bro. Pascal: Tell us about yourself
Bro. Lestrade: My name is Jefferson Lestrade, currently employed as a senior lineman at Dominica Electric Services (DOMLEC). As you may know I joined the Peoples Pentecostal Family Church in 2009. My wife and I are happily married with two wonderful daughters, and I thank God for a happy home.


Bro. Pascal: How did you come to Christ?
Bro. Lestrade: Well, between the years of 1997 to 2009 I read my Bible every day for long hours. In early 2009, I began to compare my present state of life and what I was reading in the Bible. It felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place as I was convicted by the words of God. When i got the end of the book of Mathew  I cried out and said to my self “they crucified the Lord for my sake”. It was then I began coming to Church and gave my life to Christ Jesus. I got saved in March of 2009  and was baptized on the 9th of August that same year.


Bro. Pascal: Is there anything that you are passionate about?
Bro. Lestrade: My passion, really, is for the Church, to see it grow and develop spiritually. To be used by God to do His will on behalf of His people.


Bro. Pascal: How does this extend to the Brother’s Keeper’s (Men’s) Ministry
Bro. Lestrade: For the Brother’s Keeper’s Ministry /Men’s Ministry, my desire is to encourage the men to get more involve in Church and to be part of what we are doing. To put together activities in and out of Church for building relationships  among all men young and old.


Bro. Pascal: Do you have any hobbies?
Bro. Lestrade: Well my hobbies, i have not done any of them in a while. Family life has taken over the activities of my younger days, but thank God because I had lots of injuries so in the end I can’t say I miss them too much.  Anyway to tell you, they were  Basketball and Softball Cricket. I also loved working to Two-Way Radio Communication, C/B radio.


Bro. Pascal: Thanks for speaking with me today. I hope someone reading this can be encouraged by your life and story. I trust that they can better get to know you and that more men can come out to fellowship and work together

Bro. Lestrade: You’re welcome and thanks for the opportunity to share.