Don and Janice Scheske



don and janine scheske






Brief History

  • On March 3rd of 1973, Rev. Donald & Janice Scheske, Canadian Missionaries with the Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada arrived, leaving in June, 1977.  Following a 1 year furlough, they were assigned to St. Lucia for 3 years (1978 – 1981), then on to St. Kitts for one year (1981-1982). Following a their 2nd furlough they assigned to Haiti from 1983 to 1987.
  • The PAWI was incorporated in 1975 in the newly independent Commonwealth of Dominica.
  • The Pentecostal Churches grew and members and Pastors were added at a tremendous pace during this period 1973 to 1977 and on into the 1980’s.
  • A new location was developed for People’s Church, in Roseau.
  • A 50’ X 100’ two story steel frame and concrete building was erected in lower Goodwill, seating 1000 people.
  • Dominican students were sent to W.I.S.T., in Trinidad, and returned to Dominica to Pastor and evangelize.
  • Many lay-preachers were called, discipled and sent to the villages of Dominica to open new Churches.  Teams of evangelists would go out from Peoples Church preaching the gospel with signs following every week.
  • Many were called into ministry during those revival year:  (to mention a few) Pat Martin, James Belle, Cuthbert Fagan, Jerome James, Gilbert Cuffy, Lazarus Murray, Lashley (Claudius) Estrada, Oliver Jackson, Carlton John, Philip Willis, St Clair Mitchel, Michael Daniel and others who went to study in Trinidad and the USA after the Scheske’s left Dominica.



      Don and Janice have demonstrated a life of service in evangelism, pastoral ministry, leadership training, teaching and using 21st century computer technology to reach the world with the love of Jesus.