The Evangelism Ministry of the PPFC mandate is to follow the great commission of Jesus Christ which is to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every man. This ministry is led by Brother Lennox Ambrose and with about five faithful members this ministry organized  and held personal witnessing for over a year and a half in the church environs. The targeted areas were Wattys Lane, Bowers Lane, Benjamin Lane, McIntyre Lane, Gutter Village and some sections of the Stock Farm area.

I must say generally we received good response during our expeditions. A number of people gave their life to Christ and some recommitted their life to Christ. I anticipate greater support for the ministry from the body in the future. – Bro. Lennox Ambrose


The ministry plans for the year are as follow:

  • Invite professional trainers to train members of the church
  • Have training sessions on evangelism at church
  • Weekend training camps in different area of the country where theoretical and practical evangelism methods can be learnt.
  • Do organized personal witnessing
  • Purchase an effective rapid mobile sound system for open air services
  • Have grand crusades.
  • Target schools by training teachers
  • Open a food programme to assist church members and the unsaved
  • Create an evangelism committee to manage the evangelism ministry and to raise funds